Learning Your Limits – New Patients Should Consume THC Slowly at First

Are you a new medical marijuana patient and don’t really know how much marijuana you should consume? Have you asked your friend, a regular cannabis user, how much THC is okay for you? The answer is certainly not with your friend.

Regular marijuana users may create a cannabis tolerance, in which they need more than the regular amount of THC to get high than a new user would need. Maybe you talked to this friend of yours, but you decided to be reasonable and thought that him/her was probably more resistant to THC than you.

Afterall, one of the most dangerous things of consuming THC without knowing the right amount for you, is that you can get insanely high. Literally insane. Large amounts of THC can trigger anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and many other things no one wants to go through.

To avoid all of these things to happen to you, you should start consuming THC slowly, until you discover how tolerant you are to marijuana’s most known compound.

First of all, you need to understand that there are various forms of consuming marijuana out there. Each of these types have different concentrations of THC and they react differently depending on how it is consumed.

Secondly, the marijuana dispensaries have labeled products and strains which are characterized as low-THC or high-THC. When it’s time to purchase it, go for a low-THC strain/product.

In case you are too afraid to try just a THC-only strain/product, you can purchase a THC-CHB strain/product. You won’t get as high as if you were using THC-only product because this marijuana compound CBD is known for not having psychoactive properties.

Combining these two together lowers the psychoactive effects of THC, not to mention that sometimes combining THC and CBD leads to better results on your medical treatment.

Let’s rewind to the forms of consuming marijuana now. There are many different methods of consumption and it all depends on what you think it’s the best for you.

You can choose to smoke, inhale, vaporize, eat, spray and the list goes on. The most common methods of cannabis consumption are smoking, vaping and eating. To help you with the right dosage, here are how much THC you should consume if opting for any of these three options mentioned above.


Edibles or cannabis-infused food are the favorite method of consumption of those people who are scared to ruin their lungs. However, it can be tricky to find the right dosage of THC when eating cannabis-infused food.

If you don’t consider yourself a patient person, you might want to skip eating edibles, since they take about 1-2 hours to take effect. However, the effects of cannabis whenever eating cannabis-infused food last longer than when smoking. For your first time it’s recommended that you take from 2 to 4 mg of THC.


While edibles take 1-2 hours to hit, smoking cannabis will make you high within the next 15 minutes you’ve smoked. A good amount of THC to consume when smoking is of 0,05 to 1 mg. In case you’re just changing your supplier, you may also consider consuming that dosage.


Even though vaping is similar to smoking, it is less harmful for the lungs and it can be used with concentrates, which are more potent than the flower itself. So, if you’re just starting, we recommend you inhale just a couple of times and see if it was effective. If it didn’t work, inhale a couple more times but always respect the 10-15 minutes it takes effect.

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